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IN TEXAS THE  self approving Will requires an execution ceremony which contains certain elements beyond simply signing the document in front of a notary.  We are experienced in delivering these elements of the ceremony to ensure your intentions are not in question as a result of improper signing or witnessing requirements.

A Notary Public may not assist with the writing of any document.  The purpose of the notary when you execute your Will (and any corresponding documents) is to verify the identity of the testator and witnesses, administer the oaths under penalty of perjury, and affix the notary seal as prescribed on the documents presented.​​

The ceremony normally takes about twenty five minutes for one person, two people about ten minutes longer. There are three questions for the testator to answer under Oath, and nine questions for each witness to answer under Oath.  Everyone must bring a valid form of identification. You may elect to have a gold foil embossed seal used at no extra charge. Certified Copies are recommended, but not required.

Questions on how to create a Last Will, Living Will, Power of Attorney, or Medical Directions should be answered by a licensed attorney.  There are many online resources which can be used in order to research the best ways to proceed in creating documents. Process Once is affiliated with please feel free to explore from the links provided on the top of this page.

Ceremony Includes:​​​
  • ​​​​Notarial Act
  • Oath of Testator
  • Oath of Witnesses
  • Embossed Seal
  • Gold Foil
  • ​​Mobile or Home Office

  • Optional Services:
    1 witness supply...............
    2 witness supply...............
    Self approving certificate.
    Certified copy...................​​
    Document storage............​​​​​​​​

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    Areas of Service
    • ​Denton, TX
    • Collin, TX
    • Tarrant, TX
    • Dallas, TX
    • Rockwall, TX​​​
    • Brazoria, TX
    • Wharton, TX
    • Harris, TX​​
    Payment Options
    • Accredited by the Better Business Bureau
    • Texas Process Server Association
    • American Association of Notaries​​​​
    • Certified by the Texas Process Review Board​
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    • Serve Manager​​

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    Will Signing Coordination:   $125
    • All documents (Will, Medical Directive, Power of Attorney, HIPPA, ect.)​
    • Two non-expert witnesses
    • All notarization completed with embossed seal, with gold foil if preferred
    • Administration of oaths​​​​
    • Conference table
    • Coordination around your schedule
    • Next day signing (upon availability)​
    • Certified Copy​​​

    Additional charges (optional): Mobile Service, Document Storage, Attorney ​​Requests
    Call us at (972) 242-1782
    At Office - $50
    At Your Location - $50 plus      mileage of $2/mile.
    After Hours Fee - None
    Weekend Fee - None
    Special Fee - None
    Great Attitude - FREE
    Great Service - FREE​​
    (972) 242-1782​